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15 January 2015

Ireland AM has just launched a six week fertility series to highlight the options available to those who are struggling to have a baby.

10 October 2014

There is now doubt that starting a family later in life can lead to fertility problems. 

6 October 2014

A brief overview of the roles played by the female egg and the male sperm

2 October 2014

This two week time period, between transfer and test date has been described by some of our patients as a difficult and stressful time.

30 September 2014

While men do father children when they are older; age can also be an inhibiting factor and its important to know why.

22 September 2014

The modern-day woman is more likely to be working, travelling, more educated and financially independent than ever before

5 June 2014

Among the 40,000 women and the long list of charities who took part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin was the team from Sims IVF clinic.

2 May 2014

Our recent modifications on AMH analysis were presented to the medical team here today. 

30 April 2014

Here are the wonderful photos from our Family Circus Day.

14 April 2014

Recent advances in vitamin D research have confirmed its importance in the field of assisted reproduction.

4 February 2014

Polycystic ovaries are a common finding in the IVF world and the dosage of gonadotropins used to treat this must be carefully managed

12 December 2013

This presentation centred on the use of DHEA supplementation. 

21 November 2013

We know that IVF patients measure high on any indicators of stress you might care to mention.

14 November 2013

There has been recent media coverage regarding egg freezing which has not given the full picture.

18 September 2013

Today we discussed a patient with good quality expanding blastocysts who, unexpectedly, is not getting pregnant following implantation. 

12 August 2013

Sims IVF, Ireland’s leading fertility clinic, has confirmed that it is opening a new facility in City Gate Park, Mahon in Cork

4 July 2013

This week, our team has discussed new guidelines for the management of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies. 

29 March 2012

Sims IVF featured in Modern Medicine. Click here to read more.

13 February 2012

Sims IVF featured in Easy Parenting. Click here to read the article.

12 February 2012

Sims IVF featured in Irish Tatler Magazine. Click here to read more.