Career opportunities with Sims IVF

For more than 20 years, Sims IVF has delivered patient-friendly fertility programmes In Ireland.  In 2014, Sims IVF entered into partnership with Virtus Health, one of the world's largest fertility treatment groups. In 2015, we opened our second Irish fertility clinic in Cork.

We often have opportunities for experienced specialists, nurses, scientists, researchers and support staff to join our team.

As vacancies arise, we will provide all details relating to the relevant opportunity here, as well as all the application details required.

Stock Inventory Specialist

Virtus Health / Sims IVF Group

As the pioneers of Assisted Reproduction in Ireland, Sims IVF Group continue to lead key developments in IVF treatment protocols and embryology advancements to ensure patients have access to the latest evidence-based treatments and laboratory techniques. Our Swords IVF clinic also offers fertility preservation services to oncology patients as the National Gamete Cryopreservation Centre.

Our Irish clinics located at Sims IVF Clinic - Clonskeagh, Swords IVF Clinic -Dublin and the Sims IVF Clinic in Cork have an internationally recognised reputation. Our success rates are built on the quality of our people who provide excellence in patient care. The Sims Group are part of Virtus Health, the leading Fertility Group in Australia. Virtus worldwide operation also has clinics in the UK, Denmark, and Singapore.


Xentra Pharm is part of the Virtus Health / Sims IVF group that procures, handles, stores and supplies medicinal products for human use to retail pharmacies in accordance with European Directives, Irish Legislation and HPRA Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice.



WDA                                      – Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

GDP                                       – Good Distribution Officer

SOP’s                                    – Standard Operating Procedure

QMS                                      – Quality Management System

HPRA                                     – Health Products Regulatory Authority

EU                                          - European Union

RP                                           - Responsible Person


  1. Transactional Relationships


    1. Line Management – this role will directly report to the Quality Manager. 
    2. Key Interdependencies:
      • Responsible Person
      • Deputy Responsible Person
      • Head of Quality
      • Quality team
      • Senior management team


  1. Key Areas of Responsibility

The Stock Inventory Specialist (SIS) is part of quality assurance which ensures that the quality of medicinal products is maintained throughout all stages of the supply chain from the site of manufacturer to the pharmacy or person authorized or entitled to supply medicinal to the public.


The SIS will work with the Responsible Person / Deputy RP and Quality manager at Xentra Pharm in the order processing, receipt, storage and dispatch of medicinal products.


The SIS is required to assist in the development of the Quality Management System and to carry out his/her function in accordance with a documented set of procedures and as per strict GDP Guidelines.


Duties and Responsibilities related to Xentra Pharm Operation/Logistics

  • System processing and packing of products being distributed, in particular the conditions necessary for their accurate storage as per the labelled conditions of each product.
  • Receive customer orders and complete the necessary paperwork.
      • via the PCRS HSE Hub for High Tech Drugs orders
      • via email for Non-High Tech Drugs orders
  • Place orders with suppliers and complete all required paperwork.
  • Receive and process orders and complete all required paperwork (Goods-In)
  • Check amount of product received on invoice is correct and give it to the Finance Department.
  • Arrange deliveries of product to customers using the approved transportation supplier and follow up on delivery times and customer requirements.
  • Pick and pack customers’ orders and complete all required paperwork.
    • Prepare Picking list using HSE PCRS Hub and Non-High Tech Orders
    • Pack correct amount of products for correct customer in correct packaging
    • Prepare delivery notes for dispatch with products (High Tech and Non-High Tech)
    • Complete correct paperwork (Goods-Out).
  • Dispatch product using approved transportation provider and provide copy of the delivery note to finance.
      • Check temperature ticket from the van before loading
      • Assist Approved driver to load products in the van
      • Verify van is in good condition
      • Sign POD documents
      • Complete Good-Out paperwork
      • Mark High Tech Products as dispatched on PCRS HSE Hub


  • Populate relevant spreadsheets with all High Tech Orders and file a copy of the delivery note.


  • Review POD and Transportation Graph regularly.
  • Inform the Quality Manager/Responsible Person (Deputy) of any customer complaints
  • Perform weekly stock take and reconciliation.
  • Perform end of month stock take and forward to Finance Department.
  • Sign off on pest control inspections.
  • Print off and review weekly temperature readings from temperature monitoring probes.
  • Perform Alarm Challenge Testing.
  • Perform Quarterly Bona-Fides Check.
  • Download Back-Up fridge temperature.
  • Advise the Responsible Person (Deputy) of any temperature excursions or issues.

Duties and responsibilities related to the Quality Management System (QMS)


  • Ensure that an effective quality system is maintained and that the organisation embraces continuous improvement.
  • Knowledge of legislation relating to the wholesaling of medicinal products.
  • Assist when required in carrying out self-inspections.
  • Read, refer to and be familiar with all SOP’s relevant to the role.
  • Attend training events and read any required articles or documents that may improve knowledge of GDP and medicinal products as provided by the Responsible Person.
  • Perform and sign off on house-keeping logs when required.
  • Report Non-conformances / complaints / non-conforming product to the Responsible Person



Other Duties

  • File and maintain all documentation and records in the designated storage location in the Xentra Pharm office.
  • Participate in and assist the RP during recalls.
  • Quarantine medicinal Products and complete paperwork for inspection by the Responsible Person where there is suspicion surrounding the delivery, content, timing or legitimacy over the medicinal products.
  • Demonstrate good security measures at all times.
  • Remain vigilant to the ongoing threat posed by Falsified Medicines.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Quality Manager.


  1. Qualifications/Experience:

The SIS will have at least second level education with written and spoken English.

The SIS will receive initial and thereafter, ongoing training in all procedures relating to his/her role.



Experience in Good Distribution Practice.


  1. Core Behavioural Competencies

Personal Leadership

  • Acts with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • Has a realistic sense of self and impact on others.
  • Demonstrates patience and perspective in dealing with difficult situations.
  • Accepts ownership of role and accepts accountability of role objectives.


Team Work

  • Works co-operatively and effectively with colleagues from own and other departments with different skills and objectives to achieve best outcome.
  • Listens and respects others points of view.
  • Open to learning and passing on better ways of doing things.
  • Open to new ideas with an ability to follow and implement protocols and procedures. and clinic initiatives with his/her clinic colleagues.

Attention to Detail

  • Ensures that one’s own and others’ work and information are complete and accurate.
  • Follows required procedures to ensure high quality of work
  • Verifies information.
  • Carefully reviews and checks the accuracy of information provided by others.


Motivating Others /People Managment

  • Acknowledges and thanks people for their contributions.
  • Expresses pride in the Sims Group and encourages people to feel good about their accomplishments.
  • Signals own commitment to a process by personally supporting key strategies and events.

Effective Communication

  • Ensures regular and consistent communication takes place.
  • Uses appropriate communication styles.
  • Communicates ethically and demonstrates credibility.
  • Identifies and manages misunderstandings.
  • Manages conflict effectively.


  1. Terms and Conditions of Employment

Place of Work

The role holder’s normal place of work will be at Sims IVF Clonskeagh.


Working Hours

37.5 hours - between the core hours of 8:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday Additional overtime hours may be required.

Other requirements of the role

  • Packing
  • Lifting
  • Carrying boxes (with the aid of a transportation trolley)
  • Stacking shelves
  • Working in cold storage environments  


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