Sims Donation Programmes:

European Donor Egg Programme - Run by Sims Clinic to address the shortage of suitable egg donors and the long wating times in UK & Ireland.

Affiliated Organisations:

Boston IVF - Affiliated clinic in USA.

Scotia Clinic - Based in Tralee, Co Kerry, Scotia Clinic work in partnership with Sims Clinic to make IVF services more easily accessible and convenient for patients living in the Munster area.

Lister Assisted Conception Unit - Affiliated clinic in London - Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, SPZ lab specialise in Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis.


Professional Organisations:

OBGYN - The universe of womens health.

ASRM - The Americian Society for Reproductive Medicine.

PCOS - A website for helping women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

COTS - Help and advice to childless couples in the UK.

National Infertility Support & Information Group (NISIG) - Voluntary Irish organisation that provides help and support for infertile couples.

Intercountry Adoption

Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority (HFEA) - Regulatory authority for fertility treatment in the UK. Pomegranate is a charity that provides help for those suffering from infertility.