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7 December 2023

The benefits of exercise in relation to fertility ~ Irish Life Health Survey 2023

29 November 2023

Going through fertility treatment? Some tips for navigating the festive season. self-care is crucial. Prioritise, open communication

14 November 2023

November celebrates International Men's Day, at Sims IVF this November we will raise awareness around male fertility and health.

18 October 2023

Sims IVF has recently partnered with Trinity College to provide primary care placement for students enrolled in the BSc in Midwifery course.

5 October 2023

We are currently undergoing a remodel of the Clonskeagh clinic.

6 September 2023

The egg collection is the process of retrieving a women’s eggs during the IVF process through a minor procedure under sedation in our clinic.

29 August 2023

See the HSE's information and criteria for publicly funded fertility treatment.

11 August 2023

Learn about some of the common factors and causes of fertility issues.

25 July 2023

World Embryologist Day is celebrated every year to celebrate the birthday of world's first IVF baby Louise Joy Brown.

18 July 2023

Every July, Sims holds its annual Fertility Awareness Week. This year, we are focusing on the 1 in 6.

20 June 2023

We will be attending both Dublin and Cork Pride 2023, meet some of the team and come and talk to us about your options!

7 June 2023

Every story is unique, and here at Sims IVF, we are proud to help same-sex couples realise their dream of completing their family.

30 May 2023

Understanding donor sperm, who it is suitable for and the options available.

18 April 2023

High percentage of patients considering delaying their IVF treatment until funding is available

4 April 2023

PGT-A is a specialised diagnostic technique used to test embryos for chromosomal abnormalities.

13 March 2023

Fertility tests can offer you peace of mind if you’re preparing to conceive. Learn more about female fertility test at Sims IVF.

6 March 2023

International women’s day is upon us, this is a day where we celebrate women's achievements and progress.

1 February 2023

Learn about using donor eggs to help you start a family on your fertility journey.

4 January 2023

Ensure you’re making the right dietary choices to optimise your fertility and your chances of conceiving.

30 December 2022

Are thinking of starting your fertility journey? Find out what happens in a typical IVF cycle.