Watch these videos to learn about fertility, IVF treatment and our services from the leading specialists at SimsIVF. 


Access Fertility

Male Infertility

Understanding fertility

Advice for patients starting treatment

An embryo developing to the blastocyst stage - a time-lapse movie from the EmbryoScope time-lapse system

Being the best you

Does the contraceptive pill effect future fertility?

How Embryoscope works compared to traditional incubation

Male Infertility

The AMH test

Meet our specialists

Fab Females in Fertility

Get to know Dr Adeola Adewole

Get to know Dr Renato

Get to know Dr Renato Bauman

Getting to our Swords clinic

Our Cork nurses describe why they like working in fertility

Our staff speak from the heart on why they like working in fertility

Fertility treatments


Options for single women

PGS- The Process


New ways of working