Information for Oncology Consultants

In Sims IVF Swords, we want to make the process as easy as possible for oncology patients. We understand it is a challenging time for them. We have worked with oncology consultants throughout the years


How do I refer a patient for semen cryopreservation under the oncology programme?

Fully complete oncology referral form (CF-0190) and email to or fax 01 6335948

Forward EU viral screening to the NVRL ( National Viral Reference Laboratory.) for processing. Please ensure you authorise NVRL to forward the results directly to SIMS IVF Swords to avoid any delays. (Only the hospital who draw the bloods can instruct the NVRL on sending results to our clinic or request any information on the same)


What screening is required (expire after 90 days):

•             HIV I and II

•             Hepatitis C Ab

•             Hepatitis B Surf Ag

•             Hepatitis B Core Ab

•             CMV IgG


Can you accept EU viral screening from our hospital Laboratory?

No, we are only licensed to accept EU viral screening processed through the NVRL


Can an appointment be scheduled while awaiting EU viral screen results from the NVRL?

No, we cannot contact the patient or schedule an appointment (even provisionally) until the results have been received by us from the NVRL