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Patient Support Services

We genuinely believe that the support and care that we give to each of our patients, is absolutely critical. Our Counselling Service aims to support your optimum psychological, emotional and relational well-being wherever you are on your journey through fertility treatment.

We also have a number of clinics each month to help those who need to focus on and address issues such as nutrition and diet, stress reduction, and how to manage the impact of treatment on a psychological and emotional level (with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and CBT).

Visit Fertility Counselling for information on fertility counselling support online.

In addition to providing a full Counselling Support Service to reduce stress and promote conception, Sims IVF Clinic provides a comprehensive Nutritional Support programme including testing in association with Positive Nutrition.

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Salve is a new patient app that aims to make your journey easier with us. 

It can be used for medication reminders, looking at upcoming appointments, chatting with staff and so much more!

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At Sims IVF, we support you not only through the medical side of your fertility journey but also through the emotional and mental experience of fertility treatment.

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Making healthy dietary choices can help to improve your fertility health and optimise your chances of conceiving. Registered Dietitian, Sophie Pratt, can tailor a diet and nutrition plan to your specific needs.


Our partnership with Gym Plus allows patients to meet with a Gym Plus trainer who will create a unique personalised programme for them.