Gym Plus Patient Support Service

Sims IVF are delighted to be in partnership with Gym Plus. With eight locations around Ireland, Gym Plus is now the preferred fitness club for clients who want to engage with a healthy lifestyle during the fertility process. Sims IVF patients can avail of a no joining fee with Gym Plus.


As many people are starting families at a later stage, natural conception can sometimes be problematic. With one in six couples in Ireland experiencing fertility issues, a holistic approach with a focus on nutrition and exercise is a vital first step for those engaged in the fertility process. Optimal nutrition with a focus on a balanced and antioxidant rich diet along with exercise to achieve or maintain a healthy BMI, has proven to be beneficial for those trying to start a family.  

At Sims IVF we have partnered with Gym Plus to help our patients maximise their chances of conception. Our partnership allows patients to meet with a Gym Plus trainer who will create a unique personalised programme for them. Each dedicated trainer will be aware of the client’s stage of treatment and will be able to recommend exercises to ensure there is no additional stress placed on the body whilst training. Whether you need to lose body fat, gain muscle mass or reduce stress levels, your Gym Plus trainer will work closely with you in order to ensure optimal results. Your trainer will also provide follow-ups every four weeks to ensure you are staying on track and having a positive overall experience.

Fertility Exercise Programmes

Common exercises which will be encouraged include swimming and Yoga/Pilates, with all classes included at no extra cost. It is hoped that the fertility client will achieve a balanced lifestyle as well as a positive mindset in what can be a very emotional and stressful time.  

Following the announcement of the partnership, Sandra Dunne, Operations Director, Gym Plus said: "We're very proud to support Sims IVF patients on their journey to creating the healthy, happy family they so desperately want." 

Gentle Workout For Fertility Patients

Gym Plus has eight gyms located throughout Ireland with highly skilled fitness trainers on hand to ensure clients achieve the results they desire. The new partnership with IVF Fertility Clinics in Ireland began in April 2019. For more information about Gym Plus visit