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Audrey & Cafer's Story

Audrey & Cafer started their fertility journey back in 2013. She was 24 and Cafer was 26, there seemed like there shouldn't be any issues. They were young, fit and healthy. However they started to experience some issues and Audrey was diagnosed with P.C.O.S (Polycystic ovary syndrome) which can effect a woman' ability  to conceive naturally. Read Audrey's story below.

Audrey & Cafer’s Story


By Audrey


Just imagine this, life is going great, your dreams are coming true and everything is going the way you want. I'm 24 and he's 26 and we have just got married, the year is 2010. We were so excited to start the next chapter of life: to become a family. Nobody even considered there would be any issues, we were young, fit and healthy but little did we know we were about to hit a brick wall.

After two years of trying I decided to go to my own doctor where she put me on a course of Clomid for six months, after the six months we were referred to the Coombe women's hospital and they decided they would do a laparoscopy to check if my tubes were blocked. We received the results back and all looked well, they couldn't explain the reason for my infertility. At this stage we were brokenhearted and didn’t know where to go to from here, we decided to take time off and try and enjoy married life when I spotted an ad for a Sims IVF open day in 2013. This is the day that we learned to have hope that someday we might have our own family.

We met our doctor who then told us what no other doctor had told me before, the reason I can't get pregnant is because I have P.C.O.S (Polycystic ovary syndrome). He set up a treatment plan for us to start as soon as we can but of course nothing goes to plan and we had to put it on hold for a few months. Finally we were able to start our treatment 2014, we tried two IUI's and both times were unsuccessful. We went under the care of a new doctor, Dr John Kennedy. We met with Dr Kennedy and he was a breath of fresh air. We made up a new plan because after two unsuccessful IUI's I wanted to try a different route. Dr Kennedy suggested he would like us to try ICSI.

Finally in March 2015, we started our treatment. Egg collection day came around and we collected 13 eggs, 9 survived and 6 fertilised (day 5 blastocyst). On 1st July 2015 they put two embryos back in, we left there that day so excited of what the future might hold and also made an appointment to come back in two weeks’ time for a blood test.

After a week I started to have a lot of pain around my stomach, I couldn't stand up straight, I didn’t know what was going on and after a phone call to Sims they asked me to come in for a scan, I arrived in Sims and was brought into the nurses room and she called the doctor. He took one look at me and told me to prepare to be brought down to the theatre as I had developed over active hyper stimulation and needed to get the fluid drained. They drained 1.2 litres of fluid that day and I could already feel so relieved. While we were there they had taken bloods and ran a few tests. They came back while I was in recovery to tell us the good news that actually I was pregnant, we couldn't believe it after 5 years of trying we actually heard those words.

You're pregnant!

Four weeks later we came back for our first scan and that's when we saw not just one but two tiny little heartbeats, it was the happiest day of our lives. I had a really smooth and nice pregnancy and on the 24th of February 2016 we welcomed our 2 little princesses into the world Saara (6lb) and Sofia (5lb14oz) just 24 minutes apart. The girls are 3½ now and have just started preschool in September and are both doing amazing. Saara is our little entertainer and never stops dancing and singing and Sofia always had her head in a book. They maybe twins but they are nothing alike in anyway but they really are the best of friends and they always are looking out for one another. This journey was a hard one but we wouldn't change a single moment of it, life is so good. I'm writing this as we speak from my car in the car park of Sims ready to go inside now to start our next chapter. 



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