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29 June 2021

Colours of Creation

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With Fertility Awareness Week just around the corner what better way to raise awareness of all the different types of fertility journeys than by celebrating an innovative artist who uses her art to represent the unique experience of each fertility journey. The ‘Colours of Creation’ campaign, which centers around IVF embryo art, aims to raise awareness of fertility and to give patients an opportunity to open up about their journey through the medium of art.

We came across Laura Steerman’s of Quaintbaby artwork late last year and we were absolutely blown away by it. The beautiful swirling colours make for perfect mementos for those wanting something special to remember their journey by. Her artwork signalled hope and we knew we had to reach out.

We spoke recently to Laura about popping some of her artwork in our clinics and an idea was born! We decided it was only fitting to have our patients involved in this process.  We decided that patients could help pick the colour for the new art for the clinic, based on their fertility journey and the colours they feel best represents their experience.  

Check out the finished artwork below!


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Aoife and laura
Sarah, AOife and lAUra
Just Laura
LAura, Ileana and sarah
Deirdre and alaura and ileana
Embryo art

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