1 September 2020

It Takes A Team

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It takes a team to help our patients on their fertility journey. There are so many steps and stages involved in the process that it really is all hands on deck!

Admin Team: The admin team are key in scheduling in all your appointments. They will be the first people you talk to/meet when engaging with the clinic. They liaise with the doctors and nurses to make sure you are scheduled in correctly. They are also available to help with any billing queries. The admin team are the glue!

Doctors: The doctors will meet you on your initial consult to look over your medical history and look at what the best treatment option is for you. A treatment plan will then be drawn up and implemented. Your doctor may be there to perform your egg collection and/or embryo transfer procedure but it depends on their availability. All of our doctors are highly trained and experienced. Your doctor will be available on email throughout your cycle.

Nursing: The nurses will provide you with all your scans throughout your cycle. They will also educate you on how to use the fertility drugs. They are always available on the phones should you have any queries. They are also present in theatre to assist the doctor with procedures. Nurses are there right after recovery and always have your wellbeing at the forefront of their minds.  

Embryology: This team of scientists are key to the process. They take over when eggs and sperm have been collected. They are responsible for combining the eggs and sperm or using the specialised ICSI needle to fertilise the egg with a single sperm. They look out for the best quality sperm and monitor your embryos as they grow. They will keep you informed of your embryo development during the 5 days of growth. If needs be, they will also freeze your eggs or embryos using a specialised technique called cryopreservation.

The Wider Team: Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF are made up of a wider team that helps in all elements of running the clinic. We are made up of Management, HR, Finance, IT, Quality, Marketing and Operations. These roles all help and support every function of the clinics.

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