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16 October 2020

Meet The Sims IVF Quality Team

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We're conscious that our patients don't take the decision to entrust their fertility to us lightly, so it's important that the treatments we provide are carried out to the highest possible standard. This is where our quality team steps in. The quality team plays a key role in ensuring we do our jobs effectively to give all our patients the best possible chance of conceiving.

Who works in the quality team?

Our quality team is made of four dedicated individuals, each bringing their own unique skills to the department. These are:

Group Head of Quality, Risk & Compliance: Michelle White

Michelle joined the Sims IVF team in 2012 as a Quality Officer. Prior to joining Sims IVF, Michelle had worked in quality in the pharmaceutical industry and gained a BCL degree from UCC. Michelle was promoted to the position of Head of Quality, Risk & Compliance in late 2018 and has since ensured our clinics comply with regulatory requirements, as well as the high standards set out in the Sims IVF quality management system.

Group Quality Manager: Ursula Carragher

Ursula has a PhD in Chemistry, as well as a MSc in Regulatory Science and has previously worked in the medical device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Immediately before taking on her role with Sims IVF, Ursula worked as an inspector with the Health Products Regulatory Authority. When asked what she enjoys about her role, Ursula said that the challenging nature of the work, the fact that no two days are ever the same and the constant learning opportunities combine to make her role both engaging and fulfilling.

Quality Officer: Sinead Maher

Sinead has been with Sims IVF for over 5 years and has previous experience working as an administrator in a counselling clinic - meaning she is well placed to engage with patients with sensitivity and compassion.  Sinead originally joined the team as a Patient Co-ordinator and became increasingly interested in quality. After completing a degree in Quality Management with IT Sligo, Sinead joined the quality team last year and has since become an integral part of the team. Sinead is currently studying a MSc in Occupational Health from UCC and derives great job satisfaction from being able to assist other departments with all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

So, what do the quality team do?

Our Quality Team have a number of key responsibilities. These include:

Change Management:

The quality team oversee all changes to our processes and monitor the effects of these changes to ensure all changes result in a positive patient experience.


By carrying out regular internal audits the quality team ensure that the clinic processes are as effective as possible.

Equipment Management:

The quality team are responsible for ensuring all clinic equipment is working effectively. To do this they ensure all equipment is validated for use and that a regular service schedule is maintained.

Staff Training:

The quality team ensure all staff receive the appropriate training to carry out their role effectively. This includes giving all staff access to the clinic's standard operating procedures so each team member can work to the highest standard possible.


As an active member of our senior management team, Ursula regularly updates our senior management on the effectiveness of all clinic processes, as well as addressing any areas with room for improvement.

We hope this blog piece has given you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes to ensure we offer our patients the best possible service. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer you can contact us or book an appointment.

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