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    Egg Donation FAQs

    Here are some common FAQs about Egg Donation. 

Egg Donation FAQs

Q. I am in menopause, can I do egg donation?

Yes, we treat menopausal women. We use medications to stimulate the lining of the uterus to develop and reach optimum state for an embryo to be placed into, once pregnant you would stay on these medications till around 12 weeks of pregnancy and the placenta takes over.

Q. Why do donors donate?

In Europe donors predominantly donate for altruistic reasons, in other words a selfless desire to help somebody to create a family of their own. Donors in Europe are not paid they are compensated for expenses and time out of work. Some site financial benefits when we look at countries like America where they are paid.

Q. Will I have to travel?

If you choose our in-house programmes, there is no travel involved for the patient. We ship partner's frozen sperm to the clinics we work with and embryo creation happens there. Once the embryos are created they are frozen and shipped back to Sims and we work with you to get you ready to have an embryo transfer in our clinic.

Q. How does it feel to have a baby with the help of donor eggs? 

It feels just like any other baby. Although DNA is an element of who we are as people, relationships are not formed by DNA. What makes a mother/child relationship is the bond that is formed over time while caring for a child.

Q. Will I bond with my child?

It is normal to grieve the loss of not having a child that is genetically linked to you. It is also normal to ask these questions. The truth is, regardless if your child is born with the help of donor eggs or your own, bonding doesn’t happen overnight. Bonding takes place over time.