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    We ar now an approved fertility centre with Vhi, patients will be able to access a range of fertility benefits, from testing to IVF and counselling services, depending on their level of cover

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    Patients can distribute the cost of fertility tests and treatments over a period of time, making treatment more financially flexible

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Consultations & Investigations

Vanja consult

Initial consult

Price: €180

What does it include?

  • A thorough individualised consultation with one of our experienced Fertility Consultants with tailored recommendations for any further tests/investigations required.
  • This can be carried out via zoom or in person.
  • It also includes a consult with one of our experienced fertility nurses.
Alejandro Scan

Fertility Assessment Package

Intended purpose:

  • A comprehensive fertility testing package that enables your doctor to provide a recommendation on the best course for treatment.
  • Conducting these tests prior to your initial consultation is likely to shorten the time to treatment, reduce fees on consults, and minimize visits to the clinic.

What does it include?

AMH Test (female) – Blood test that checks egg quantity (ovarian reserve). (For same-sex couples, two AMH tests are included instead of the Semen Analysis)

Assessment Scan (female) – Trans-vaginal ultrasound scan that assesses ovaries and uterus. The assessment scan checks the anatomy of uterus and antral follicle count.

Semen Analysis (male) -An assessment of a sperm sample.

Initial Consult – Appointment with one of our fertility doctors to discuss your results and your treatment options.

BMI check.



  • Couple €415 
  • Female Only €290
  • Male Only €215 ***Please note Sims IVF Swords currently has no availability for a single male fertility testing package.