Egg donation

Our aim is to help you start your family

Sims IVF is the leading provider of fertility treatment to couples in Ireland. Our aim is to help you to conceive and experience the joy of having a family.

We are the recognised leaders in reproductive medicine in Ireland, with a wealth of experience in gamete donation developed over 15 years.

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Who is egg donation suitable for?

You might consider egg donation if you are unable to use your own eggs due to

  • Premature menopause
  • Risk of passing on a genetic disease
  • If your ovaries have been affected by a serious illness or treatment
  • Repeat IVF failure due to poor egg quality
  • Patients must sign consents prior to their 49th birthday.
Who are the egg donors?

All our donors are already mothers in our Key ID programme– and are between 18 and 34 years old. In addition, all donors undergo stringent tests to ensure their health and suitability.

You get a choice of 2 donors, carefully preselected based on a detailed profile that includes physical traits, family history, education, hobbies, and personality.

Choose your donor

Simply Key ID gives you the choice of 2 donors, carefully preselected based on a detailed profile of each donor including physical characteristics, education and hobbies.

Identifiable donors: The donor is identifiable, which means that any child resulting from this treatment will have the right to access identifying information about their donor from the age of 18. However, identifying information about the donor will not be made available to you, the recipient couple.

We have four different egg donation programmes:

The Key ID Process: The use of identifiable egg donors. Find out more here. 

Known Egg Donation: The term “known egg donor” refers to a family member, acquaintance, or friend who is willing to be an egg donor for you. Find out more here

Double Donation:  It is the process in which both donor egg and donor sperm are used to create an embryo(s). Find out here.

Shared Motherhood: This is designed for same sex female couples. This is where the eggs of one partner are used in an IVF cycle to create embryos that are then transferred into the other partner. Find out more here.


To find out more about how our egg donation program works and the costs involved please contact us.