Ovulation Induction & Cycle Monitoring

What is ovulation induction?

Ovulation induction involves the use of medications to stimulate the development of one or more mature follicles in a woman’s ovaries.

Who is ovulation induction suitable for?

Women that have ovulatory problems such as irregular cycles or anovulation (do not ovulate) may be treated using ovulation induction as these women do not regularly develop mature follicles themselves.

What does ovulation induction involve?

Your ovaries are stimulated with either oral medication or hormone injections. Pelvic ultrasound scans are then used to access the endometrium (lining of the womb) and to determine how the follicles are developing. Blood tests may also be carried out to measure hormone levels and to determine when a woman is most likely to ovulate (a woman’s most fertile time).

Ovulation induction cycles are followed by a hCG injection to induce ovulation. Timed sexual intercourse can then take place or Intrauterine Insemination can be performed at the ideal time.

Are there any side effects of ovulation induction?

The side effects involved in ovulation induction include feeling bloated lower abdominal discomfort, headaches and fatigue. Careful monitoring removes the risk of multiple births by advising the patient to abstain from sexual intercourse where indicated.

Can ovulation induction help me fall pregnant?

To find out whether ovulation induction can help you fall pregnant, please book an appointment with a Sims IVF fertility specialist or contact us.