2 May 2014

Sims presented with new AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) analysis

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Our recent modifications on AMH analysis were presented to the medical team here today. 

Zentra Lab pioneered the use of this test in Ireland in November 2009 and remains to this day the only laboratory in Ireland to produce results in house. 

Beckman Coulter, the manufacturers of the AMH test kit, recently recommended a pre-dilution step in the assay to give more reproducible results and account for the confounding effect of a molecule known as complement which can confuse the assay into giving a not-so-accurate result. 

A recent publication by Han et al in Human Reproduction online put some figures down to the change in values that might be expected following a pre-dilution step. 

We analysed 58 Sims patient samples in duplicate, with and without pre-dilution, and determined the average increase seen in AMH values with the addition of  the pre-dilution step was ~50%. 

We have prepared a new nomogram with over 2,300 patient data points to reflect this adjustment and presented the data today to the Sims physicians. Our expectation is therefore that the new reference range will be a more representative representation of the “true” AMH value and egg reserve.

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