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10 February 2022

All your Fertility Questions Answered in Association with Goss.ie

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Sims IVF have partnered with Goss.ie  to deliver an informative panel on fertility awareness. We talk about the importance of fertility testing, egg freezing and bust some common fertility myths too.  

If you’re planning on starting a family in the future or you’re even just thinking about it, it’s important to start looking into your fertility – even if you’re in your 20s.

Fertility is often not spoken about amongst young women, but it’s time we were all more open about it – and this panel is all about opening that discussion.

We were also joined by influencers Holly Carpenter and Thalia Heffernan, who candidly discussed their own experiences, and the pressure women face to start a family at a young age.

Thalia, whose own mother was deemed “infertile”, said she felt “comforted” after hearing the experts talk about fertility in such a calming manner.

Check out the video below

All Your Fertility Questions Answered

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