5 June 2014

Sims Staff Take Part in Dublin Mini Marathon

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Among the 40,000 women and the long list of charities who took part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin was the team from Sims IVF clinic, who participated in the event for the charity Pomegranate.

It was a slow start for the team as it took over 40 minutes to get to the start line due to the large number of participants. The weather was perfect though – no rain but not too hot either!  The event was very well organised with live music played at every kilometre to keep the motivation levels high. It was a great to be part of such a national event.

Many thanks to our colleagues Trish Conroy, Maria Debliuc, Grainne Dodd, Lucie Drahosova, Sarah Stamps, Michelle White, Graham Coull, Richard Fawthrop, Rosemary Durcan and of course many thanks to Joanna Donnelly of Pomegranate who accompanied us on the day.

The charity Pomegranate was set up by Joanna Donnelly and Fiona McPhillips, to provide help for those suffering from infertility. Both Joanna and Fiona have been lucky enough to have children thanks to fertility treatment and recognise the importance of helping other couples.

If you would like to learn more about Pomegranate please visit their website here.

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