21 May 2020

Being The Best You

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Now that we have started to phase back treatment for patients, there are many things that you can do to get yourself in the best possible shape, mentally and physically for treatment. Preparation is key and every little helps as they say! We know it has been a long wait for many but we are getting our patients back on track.

Reduce stress- not as easy as it sounds! Doing simple things like watching your favourite movie, chatting to your best friend or getting into yoga. Whatever works for you, you know you best and easing your stress is the best way to ready yourself for a cycle of treatment.

Support-join a support group, NISIG is a non-bias group that supports women going through treatment. They have had a number of online support groups. Check out their website or Instagram. Support groups online are also great for peer to peer support, however be careful not to take medical advice from these groups and remember everyone’s treatment is individual. What works for one lady, may not work for you. Talk to us, your consultant, our fertility counsellor and our nursing team.

Family/Friends- if you feel comfortable, let your family and friends in. They will also provide a great support system and it helps to have others know what you are going through.

Diet and exercise. Reduce your caffeine intake to about two cups a day and eat as healthily as you can. It can help you feel better inside and out. We have number of recipes and meal plans on our website. Going for a walk or a jog is a great stress reliever too so take advantage of the good weather and get out as much as possible. Reducing you weight will also have positive implications on your treatment cycle.

Journal- this is very therapeutic and works for some people. Jotting down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, anchors you and enable to release your emotions in a constructive way. It also allows you to look back and reflect.

Focus on the now- you cannot control the future and focusing on the little things you can do now is the best gift you can give yourself. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to breathe.

Remember we are always here to chat and if you are struggling, reach out to us.

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