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25 February 2018

Join us for a Free Fertility Information on 21 Feb Cork /25 Feb Dublin. Find out more.

21 February 2018

Dr. John Kennedy, Medical Director, Sims IVF talks about Egg Donation Programmes in this insightful webinar. Find out more.

8 December 2017

Fertility and the Biological Clock for him and her. Find out more.

27 November 2017

One of the first questions you may ask yourself when deciding to start a family is what lifestyle changes you should make. Find out more.

20 November 2017

From avoiding wearing tight trousers to having intercourse every day, there are many myths and misconceptions about what men can do to improve their fertility

13 November 2017

The AMH Test has traditionally been considered to be a reliable indicator of fertility or has it? Find out more.

6 November 2017

Does contraception affect future fertility? Find out more.

5 September 2017

TV3 Documentary about Fertility Starts September 2017. Find out more.

27 July 2017

Yesterday, 26th July 2017, Irish model and TV personality Vogue Williams joined the Ireland AM sofa to talk about food, festivals and fun. Find out more.

14 July 2017

Sims IVF is looking for volunteers to tell their Fertility Journey Stories. Find out more.

20 March 2017

Miscarriage of the developing foetus is undoubtedly a traumatic event in the life of any would-be mother

14 February 2017

Ciara and Noel O’Brien talk openly about their struggle to conceive. By Denise Smith.

7 December 2016

7 Ways to survive the festive season when you’re having difficulties trying to conceive. Read more.

26 July 2016

The key question is: “Will endometriosis cause a fertility problem?” In 30-50% of cases the answer is ‘Yes’. Read more.

20 October 2015

This is consistent with a similarly enhanced risk with another drug used in infertility management, namely clomiphene citrate.

1 July 2015

Dr. Kennedy discusses the types of tests and treatments available for people with PCOS and in particular those who wish to start a family.

26 June 2015

Dr. John Kennedy, Consultant at Sims IVF answers a number of questions from his webinar audience on the subject of PCOS.

3 March 2015

If you are considering fertility treatment, you will more than likely be wondering what your options are and how the process works.

9 February 2015

Orla and Fred Rainert spent over eleven years trying for a baby. 

9 February 2015

How do miscarriages affect your fertility and what do they mean for future pregnancies? Mary and Howard Hughes talk about their story.