28 July 2022

The Effect AMH Levels Have On Fertility 

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There are several causes of female infertility and lots of factors can impact how fertile you are, including; age, lifestyle, current health and medical history. If you would like to start a family, there are different blood tests and ultrasound scans you can have that will give you an overview of your fertility and identify any fertility issues.  

One type of blood test that is commonly included in fertility check-ups is an Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) test. This test is a simple way to learn more about your fertility and it can be really useful. If you’ve never heard of an AMH test before and you’re wondering how your AMH levels affect your fertility, our specialist team has put together some information covering the basics women should know about AMH levels. 

What are AMH levels?

The level of AMH in your blood is used as an indicator of the number of eggs remaining in your ovarian reserve. The Anti-Müllerian Hormone is released from the pool of eggs in the ovaries and often, the lower your AMH levels, the lower the number of eggs. 

It’s important to note that whilst an AMH test gives a good indication of the quantity of eggs, it doesn’t provide you with any information about the quality of eggs. This blood test should be used in combination with other tests, including thyroid stimulation hormone and prolactin tests (remove prolactin) add FSH and LH, to make up your AMH profile and this can help to assess the functionality of your reproductive system. As mentioned above, using ultrasound scans can be very helpful when you want to learn more about your current fertility and the quality of your ovaries too. AMH helps manage expectations and gives patients knowledge on what to expect regarding number of eggs. 

How do AMH levels affect you when you’re trying to conceive?

Age has a huge impact on female fertility and you are born with all of the eggs you will ever have. Your egg count will decline over time and, in turn, so will your AMH levels. An AMH blood test can give you an insight into your chances of getting pregnant naturally and your AMH level will inform you how proactive you need to be when trying to conceive, in conjunction with your age. Ideally, to give you the best indication of your fertility and chances of conceiving naturally, an AMH blood test should be used alongside other tests and scans. 

Can you get pregnant with low AMH levels?

All women should be aware that if your AMH levels are lower than expected at your age, this doesn’t mean you’re no longer fertile. Lots of women who have low AMH levels are still able to conceive naturally and sometimes, within the first month of trying. It’s crucial to remember that your AMH levels alone won’t tell you whether you’re infertile, AMH blood tests are simply baseline screening tests that are used to measure potential egg count. Also helps to define/tailor a fertility strategy 

Can you try fertility treatments if you have low AMH levels?

If you have low AMH levels and you’re struggling to conceive naturally, there are fertility treatments you can try to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Fertility check-ups can be very useful when you’re planning an assisted fertility journey and the results will allow fertility specialists to recommend the best treatments in your circumstances. Fertility tests and scans can guide fertility clinicians on things such as the dose and regimen of treatment too, and the results will help them to tailor your treatment to your current fertility. 

When you’re aware of your AMH levels, you can start planning ahead for the future. AMH blood tests are considered to be one of the best hormone tests available to inform you of your potential long-term fertility and it’s always beneficial to have this blood test. 

We recommend that if you are over 38 years old that you repeat AMH testing every 3-4 months because of the risk of AMH level dropping. Doctors will be better able to prepare a treatment plan tailored to you.

Booking an AMH blood test at a fertility clinic 

Now you know a little bit more about the effect AMH levels have on fertility if you’d like to book a fertility check-up, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sims IVF. We are proud to be one of the leading fertility clinics in Ireland and we can provide you with a useful insight into your current fertility. 

Should you wish to try fertility treatments to help you start a family, we can assist you every step of the way on your assisted fertility journey too. We strive to bring the joy of a family to those who are struggling to conceive naturally and we use a combination of science, experience and care to help us deliver results. 

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