In house Egg Donation Programmes - New Beginnings Egg Donation

Our egg donation programme is a streamlined process, conducted to the highest possible standards of care. Our staff, from the fertility specialists who are recognised experts in their field, to the nurses and midwives who are your guides during your journey, do everything they can to ensure you have a positive experience.

Sims IVF is proud to have two egg donor programmes, New Beginnings Programme M and Programme P. These programmes provide identifiable donors, and there is no travel involved for the patients. See below for more details about the two programmes:

Egg Donation Progammes
Programme MProgramme P
The clinic is based in Manchester.The clinic is based in Portugal.
There is no egg sharing, i.e. all eggs from donor from that cycle are released to the patient.If there are surplus eggs after meeting the guaranteed number of blastocysts these eggs will be frozen and banked for use by other patients. This is not a 1:1 donation cycle.
Lower volume of donors which could lead to longer waiting timesHigher volume of donors, this could lead to potentially shorter waiting times. Currently waiting period is 3-4 weeks for donor matching.
Guarantee of 1 blastocyst for transfer.Guarantee of 2 blastocysts for freezing & 1 of these blastocyst for transfer. Programme P has a 61.5% pregnancy rate and 4 blasts on average.
Price: €13,995Price: €10,995

If you have any questions about our two donor programmes, please get in touch with the egg donation team, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The New Beginnings Process

Stage 1: Consultations:

Meet Your Fertility Specialist

When you come for a consultation at Sims IVF, your first step is to meet a Sims IVF fertility specialist. Your consultant will discuss the various fertility treatment options available with you

Meet your Egg Donation Coordinator

Your Egg Donation Coordinator are experts in egg donation. Entirely dedicated to our egg donation programmes, our coordinators will be your link in Sims IVF, providing expert care for you and ensuring that you are supported and informed throughout the process.

Stage 2: Investigations & Counselling


Female Investigations

  • Female Tests
  • Infectious screening bloods
  • Basic hormone tests
  • Rubella immunity
  • Ultrasound Investigation: Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS).

Male Investigations

The egg donation programme is very much dependent on both the male and female partner for its success. Male factors that could significantly reduce your chances of success include:
•Being a smoker

Male tests

  • Semen Freeze
  • Infectious screening bloods


Implications Counselling is a mandatory legal requirement for all couples wishing to avail of egg donation. Our experienced counsellors are familiar with the complex issues and implications involved in infertility treatment.

Stage 3: Documentation review, consent signing & sperm freeze

Documentation Review

Your Egg Donation Coordinator will review the consent forms with you and answer any further questions that you may have.

In addition, they will ensure you are satisfied with your Recipient Information form, which is used to help select suitable donors.

Semen Freeze

The semen sample is provided. It is tested, frozen, and transported to our partner clinic.

Stage 4: Donor Choice

A profile of each donor including physical characteristics will be made available to you. You will have the opportunity to review the donor choice to determine which donor is best suited to your needs. You will then be advised to communicate your final donor choice with the Egg Donation team.
Once you have approved the donor, work in our partner clinic commences

Stage 5: Donor Cycle, Fertilisation and Embryo Freeze

Our Partner Clinic will arrange the following steps:

  • Donor ovarian stimulation and egg collection
  • ICSI fertilization
  • Embryos grown for 5-6 days (Blastocyst stage)
  • Embryos vitrified (frozen) and transported to Sims in Ireland
Stage 6: Embryo Transfer

In preparation for embryo transfer in Ireland, your IVF Consultant and Egg donation Coordinator will advise you regarding a medication regime to prepare your uterine lining for embryo transfer. Fertility ultrasound monitoring will be provided throughout this process.

The Embryos are transferred by a Sims IVF Consultant in our embryo transfer suite.

Hormone and support medications will continue into early pregnancy.

Stage 7: Outcome

12 days after transfer, a pregnancy test is provided.


When a positive result is confirmed an Egg Donation Coordinator will advise you regarding your medications and early
pregnancy care, and will book you in for your first obstetric scan at approximately 7 weeks.

Not Pregnant?

Although we use high quality eggs there is unfortunately no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Support is available from your dedicated Egg Donation team during this difficult time.

We will coordinate a return consultation to discuss future options, including help to plan your next transfer cycle.