GP Investigations

The following investigations are ideally carried out prior to consultation.

Female partner

A complete hormone profile to detect hormonal abnormalities including:

  • FSH Day 2-4 of the menstrual cycle
  • LH Day 2-4 of the menstrual cycle
  • Oestradiol Day 2-4 of the menstrual cycle
  • Prolactin
  • T4, TSH
  • Progesterone Day 21 (or adjusted for cycle length)
  • AMH (if possible, but if not CFC will carry out)
  • EU viral screening bloods HIV, Hep B Core antibody and surface antigen, Hep C

Elevated FSH (>10U/L) indicates some degree of ovarian failure and could be an indication of early menopause.

Elevated LH (>10U/L) may be an indication of polycystic ovaries.

Progesterone levels are an indication of ovulation. Results >30nmol/L indicate ovulation has occurred.

Male partner

  • EU viral screening bloods HIV, Hep B Core antibody and surface antigen, Hep C
  • Semen Analysis

Semen analysis provides vital information on the quantity and quality of sperm within a semen sample. It is essential to carry out semen analysis at the very start of any investigative process for the couple.

When interpreting results, Sims IVF refers to the World Health Organisation reference values outlined below. Further information can be obtained from the World Health Organisation

Volume: 1.5 ml or more
Ph: 7.2 or more
Sperm concentration: 15 x 106/ml or more
Total sperm no: 39 x 106/ejaculate or more
Motility: 40% or more motile
Round cells: No more than 5 x 106/ml
MAR test (Immunobead test): Fewer than 50% motile sperm with adherent particles (beads bound)
Morphology: Greater or equal to 4% normal

Communication post referral

We understand the importance of keeping General Practitioners informed of all aspects of their patient's care. Following initial consultation with the couple we will write to advise you of the treatment options available to them.