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5 August 2020

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Since 1997, Sims IVF has been helping families realise their dream of parenthood. We have helped to created thousands of little heroes. It is something we are incredibly proud of. We cannot express the elation we feel when a patient tells us of the birth of their new baby. We have seen our patients go through the difficulties of fertility treatment, the tears and the anguish of a failed cycle and the pure joy of a positive pregnancy test. 

We want to celebrate this month; we have been doing this for over 20 years! We want to celebrate all the little heroes that we have helped create. If you would like to feature your little one, send them into us and put the spotlight on your Sims baby! You can send it into us via Instagram/Facebook or email

Everyone is different and we are proud of the work we are doing to help you complete your family.

Our Medical Director Dr John Kennedy and Cork nursing team speak about why they enjoy working in fertility:

Dr John Kennedy

Our Cork nurses describe why they like working in fertililty

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