14 April 2014

The Importance of Vitamin D

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Recent advances in vitamin D research have confirmed its importance in the field of assisted reproduction.

A study made by our partner laboratory in Chicago revealed that low serum levels of vitamin D correspond with higher activation levels of the immune system and may by consequence reduce chances for successful implantation.

This study showed that Natural Killer cell activity and cytokine ratios normalised with addition of vitamin D to cell culture, the implication being that in vivo the same response may be observed. 

This mirrors somewhat our own research in this field and supports our treatment modalities.   It is well known that low levels of vitamin D are very common in Ireland therefore we do encourage all patients undergoing treatment at Sims to test and/or supplement vitamin D throughout their way to pregnancy. 

With this most recent data we are getting to the heart of the importance of vitamin D.

By Dr Bart Kuczera and Dr Kevin Marron

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