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10 June 2024

Surrogacy Supports for Irish Intended Parents

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Surrogacy can be extremely difficult to navigate. That’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with an expert, compassionate team that works so hard to take confusion out of the process. Sims IVF is partnered with My Surrogacy Journey.  

My Surrogacy Journey® is one of the UK’s leading surrogacy organisations created in Feb 2021, designed to support people in a way that hadn’t been created previously. It was founded by Michael & Wes Johnson Ellis, who are Dads to their two children born via UK independent Surrogacy. With a number one podcast and tailored membership packages offering unrivalled levels of professional, legal, clinical, emotional, educational, and practical support, MSJ are positively changing the global surrogacy landscape. Supporting intended parents, surrogates and known egg donors equally, My Surrogacy Journey offer the balance and experience needed for a successful surrogacy journey.

Offering UK surrogacy with surrogate matching and support as well as surrogacy in the USA, Canada and Mexico City via our trusted partners, all fully managed, professionally, legally and emotionally.

Sims IVF provides only fertility testing for Irish Intended Parents. 

Welcome to My Surrogacy Journey

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