10 April 2024

Sims IVF X Where Do I Go From Here? Podcast

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Sims IVF are proud to support and collaborate with the Where Do I Go From Here? Podcast Season 3.

The Where Do I Go From Here? Podcast. Hosted by Annmarie Gray and Katie Richardson, two psychotherapists passionate about sharing inspiring stories to help others. Throughout the season, they interview incredible people who have faced adversity. 

The podcast aims to raise awareness and break the stigma across a variety of topics, including IVF, fertility, solo motherhood and same sex fertility journeys.

Annmarie and Katie are both mental health professionals aiming to motivate and encourage others to grow and develop through providing individuals with honest connection and tools they require to make positive changes in their lives.

Listen to the podcast today. 

Where do I go from here?

Listen to the podcast here.

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