18 September 2013

Sims IVF trial receptivity test

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Today we discussed a patient with good quality expanding blastocysts who, unexpectedly, is not getting pregnant following implantation. 

With no evidence of recipient immune or other issues, our gaze turns to the endometrium and its potential receptivity. 

We are currently trialling a new test offered by IVIOMICS in Valencia, Spain called the Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA).

This allows us to assess the window of implantation for the implanting embryo – something which can be disordered with lots of unexplained IVF failure despite excellent embryos – as in this case.

For several years, we have assessed the lining and receptivity using the Yale University Endometrial Function test (Soil Test) developed by Dr Harvey Kliman, and have found it useful.

However, the use of comprehensive molecular assessment of 238 genes related to endometrial receptivity status in the ERA is a new and exciting development in this growing field of diagnostics.

If this shows an abnormality we may well be able to identify the correct window of implantation and thereby overcome this patient’s difficulties.

In truth, it will probably take us six months or more to really assess how useful this test will be but, based on our previous experience, we are expecting it will be of help to this relatively small but very important group of patients.

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