12 August 2013

Ireland’s leading fertility clinic to open facility in Cork

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Sims IVF, Ireland’s leading fertility clinic, has confirmed that it is opening a new facility in City Gate Park, Mahon in Cork.  The new facility, which will be the first permanent Sims IVF facility outside of Dublin, is expected to treat up to 300 couples a year.   The facility will open officially in the autumn, however patients have in fact been seen since June of this year.

Sims IVF was established in Dublin fifteen years ago (1998) and the team is considered to be at the forefront of modern IVF technology and treatment.  They recently introduced the revolutionary new time-lapse technology Eeva™ to Ireland which has resulted in demonstrably higher pregnancy rates.  Sims also supports what is known as reproductive immunology which helps patients with miscarriage through modification of their immune system.

Dr. David Walsh, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Sims IVF, said the establishment of the new unit in Cork was a natural response to demand from couples in the Munster region; “We’ve treated hundreds of couples from Munster in our facility in Dublin but it is much more helpful and convenient for them if they can engage with us in Cork and reduce their need to travel to our facilities in Dublin.  We believe that most of our engagement with a couple can take place here in Cork and that will be much more convenient for our patients. This new fertility unit in Cork allows patients in this region to discuss their concerns in absolute confidentiality and to find out about the range of sophisticated technology, tests and treatment they can avail of, to overcome their fertility challenges.”

The Sims IVF team believe that by introducing new technology, testing and treatment regimes for those challenged by fertility issues in Cork and surrounding counties, that they can help resolve some of the more difficult cases.  Sims IVF specialises in helping patients who have already had IVF treatment at other clinics and failed.  45% of Sims patients have already had treatment elsewhere.  

.For an appointment at Sims IVF – Cork, you can phone +353 (0)1 208 0710 or go to www.sims.ie. 

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