9 February 2015

Ireland AM - Orla and Fred Rainert have Baby Leo after 11 Years

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Orla and Fred Rainert spent over eleven years trying for a baby.  They did everything from adoption to fostering, experienced a tragic miscarriage, seven failed IVF treatments, and they lost 13 embryos BUT there is a happy ending.

Orla describes their quest for a baby as a long and arduous journey.  The couple began IVF treatment in 2006, with no success.  The problem centered on Orla’s inability to maintain a pregnancy.   She endured a number of miscarriages.

Orla and Fred were determined to continue trying to build a family.  They went to a number of countries, seeking to adopt.  They also signed up to become foster parents.

Seven IVF attempts, a tragic miscarriage and a resolute determination to become parents – could have a negative impact on a relationship.  One of the most inspiring aspects of this story is the enduring humour and positivity between Fred and Orla. 

Dr. David Walsh, Sims IVF commented on the importance of the ‘emotional glue’ between couple trying to conceive a baby.  He talks about the shared problem and shared solution approach, which tends to lead to greater chances of success.

It was this ‘emotional glue’, a determination to succeed and Dr. Walsh’s intralipid treatment that eventually led to success for this optimistic couple.

Orla was contacted by the Sims IVF Clinic and informed that she still had two blastocysts in storage at the clinic.  She decided to use the blastocysts for one more IVF attempt.  Dr. Walsh identified the presence of a high level of Natural Killer (NK) cells, and addressed the problem using intralipid therapy.    His aim was not only to help to achieve pregnancy but also to ensure that he maintained Orla’s pregnancy.   

The outcome of the therapy was successful and Baby Leo was born.

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