7 March 2019

International Women’s Day

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On this International women’s Day, it is fitting to look at our own women in leadership here in all three of our clinics. Every part of our day is supporting women and their partners on their journey to completing their family. All of our women are strong leaders and understand the complexities and sensitivities of working in the fertility industry. They have years of experience working in their field and have mentored many others over the past few years. We are proud to have such women in our work force. Today we celebrate those women. 

We have a strong female presence in all three clinics, 83% of our Irish workforce are women. These women work across all our key functions, leading, managing and caring for staff and patients alike. These areas include nursing, admin, HR, finance, medical, quality, embryology, maintenance, operations and management. 

Sims IVF is part of the Virtus heath group, we are unique in the sense that we have a female CEO. Sue Channon oversees all the clinics under the Virtus banner, inclusive of Australia, Singapore, the UK, Denmark and Ireland. According to a recent report by Eurostat in 2017, 43% of women occupy management roles in Ireland. We are proud to say that 75% of our Irish management team is made up of women. This is double the national average. Two out of our three clinics are also managed by women. Our medical team is made up a mix of men and women, they bring a wealth of experience and passion.  

We have so many individuals that are brimming with enthusiasm that will no doubt drive our clinics forward and provide our patients with the very best care and attention. 

In these changing times, it is refreshing to see what we have achieved in regards to equality in our work force. 

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