About Sims IVF

About Sims IVF

Our commitment is to care for you, so that you can realise your dream of having a baby.

Since 1997, we have treated thousands of patients and it is their needs that govern the care we give, the treatments that we offer and the type of environment we provide.

Listening to and understanding the nature of an infertility problem is the most important first step for our patients and establishing a treatment plan with support throughout, to optimise your chances of success. Our online resource centre gives our patients step-by-step guidance, information and video instructions for medication.

We have a counselling psychotherapist available to provide guidance and support through the critical times during your treatment process.

We value your time as much as you do and our waiting rooms are as fast and efficient as possible.  We have a large car park, internet access and refreshment areas.  We continuously seek feedback from patients to help us to improve our service.

Sims IVF Clinic is a sanctuary - a place where respect, confidentiality and medical excellence reside.

In 2015 we opened our dedicated, hi-tech clinic in Citygate, Mahon in Cork – a clinic designed based on feedback from both staff and patients. This clinic is cutting edge, providing some of the most advanced and successful testing technology and IVF treatments to our patients.