The Clinic

The Clinic

Sims IVF is now Ireland's largest assisted reproduction clinic and we remain at the forefront for technology, advanced treatment regimes and patient facilities. 

To facilitate the growing demand for our services and to continue to provide excellent levels of care, we have expanded our team and we moved to Clonskeagh in 2011.

the clinic 2State-of-the Art Facilities

At our new Clinic in Clonskeagh the facilities are excellent for both testing and treatment. We have 3 operating theatres and a 5 bed ultra-sound suite to minimise waiting times. We also provide men’s private treatment facilities and 10 private recovery rooms for women, which are the best in the country. Our staff are warmly encouraging, and on hand to support you every step of the way.

At our new clinic, we have installed 3D ultrasound facilities – colour Dopplers that provide 3D evaluation of uterine and vaginal anomalies. Fertility Laboratory Ireland, our on-site medical testing partners, provide the most up to date testing expertise and facilities for our patients whilst also enabling prompt on-site results.

Help and Explanationthe clinic 3

Our online patient portal contains unrivalled guidance for patients whether that be explanations about treatments or step-by-step videoed instructions to help with medication.

Advanced Testing and Treatment Centre

We have testing procedures that are unique to our Clinic in Ireland. Our Advanced Infertility Testing covers both female and male fertility problems and could make a real difference in successfully have a baby.

Our Egg Donation Programmes have excellent success rates with no waiting times, proven donors and guaranteed embryo transfers.

Our Doctors are at the forefront of IVF technology and our association with Virtus Health means we are always in touch with international advances in reproductive medical care.

Our commitment has produced excellent success rates, often for patients who have failed to become pregnant elsewhere.