Donor Programmes

Donor Programmes

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We currently offer a number of egg donation programmes with a variety of options to suit our patients' needs. Donors are available immediately so there’s no waiting and no need to travel to Europe. You select your donor, who is exclusive to you so essentially we offer a one-to-one donation.  

For more detailed information on Sims Egg Donation programmes, please visit our website This website has been designed to provide practical information to patients contemplating embarking on an egg donation programme at Sims. We hope that the information provided will answer most of your questions but if you need any further information, please contact our egg donation co-ordination team directly.

Donor Sperm

Where there is a significant male factor involved in a couples’ infertility, some couples may avail of the option to use donor sperm in order to achieve a pregnancy. As recommended by the doctor and depending on other factors involved, donor sperm may be used in combination with IUI, IVF or ICSI as appropriate.