Lottie and door

Lottie Ryan: Brand Ambassador

This year we really wanted to go beyond for awareness campaign. We sent out an informative survey to get feedback from the public on their own awareness or experience with fertility issues. We also explored unhelpful phrases that many people experience when going through treatment or before starting a family. We received over 600 submissions, which is amazing! We were delighted to have so many people on board. See results here

We even more excited to announce our partnership with Lottie Ryan.Speaking about the campaign, Lottie said: : “I am delighted to partner with Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF this year for the #BeKindWithYourWords campaign. I think the campaign will resonate with a lot of women who have been faced with fertility issues or feel pressure to start a family because they have reached a certain age. Fertility is often a taboo subject and over the next week we hope to initiate a conversation online about fertility to educate and empower others.”

See below Instagram live with Lottie Ryan and Dr Kennedy

Instagram Live with Lottie Ryan and Dr John Kennedy