14 July 2017

Sims IVF is looking for volunteers to tell their Fertility Journey Stories

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Sims IVF

Sims IVF is looking for people, who have experienced fertility issues, to share their stories in order to encourage others in the same situation.

Over the next number of weeks, Sims IVF is running an awareness campaign to specifically help and guide people who are dealing with fertility challenges.  The aim is to provide hope, guidance and support to those who experience delays in starting a family.

We also want to help the general public to understand the complexity of fertility issues and, in particular, to be sensitive towards the range of emotions experienced by people who are desperately trying to have a baby.

We are looking for people who are willing to share their stories with the media – in print, on radio and/or on TV. 

If you think you might be interested in participating in some way, contact Steve McGettigan in confidence at: 086 256 3811 or email: Steve.McGettigan@sims.ie