20 May 2014

Sims IVF heads study into the role of NK cells in miscarriage

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Dr Siobhan Quenby and her colleagues at the University of Warwick have, like us at Sims IVF, long been convinced of the contribution of Natural Killer (NK) cells to multiple recurrent miscarriage. 

Recently, Warwick Medical School have started to offer a biopsy test to assess the Natural Killer cell population in the Uterus, while we are currently evaluating the entire immune population with special emphasis on Natural Killer cells using cycle day 2 menstrual blood and a flow Cytometry technique. 

This latter in-house project is very exciting and has already yielded some credible results at a very early stage.  

La Chapelle et al, in 1996 and more recently Van Der Molen et al, in 2014 have shown clearly the advantages of this approach. 

Being non-invasive it also has the additional advantage of not requiring a surgical procedure and the costs thereof.  More updates coming soon.

By Dr Kevin Marron

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