20 May 2013

Eeva success in Ireland

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Preliminary audit of the first cases of time lapse selection tool utilising the Eeva system at Sims IVF has confirmed recently published results from a British study (below).

Our audit of Eeva completed this year confirms the major benefits of Eeva in selecting viable embryos. 55% of our patients who had one or more embryos with high implantation potential by Eeva achieved a pregnancy.

The British study focused on the transfer of blastocyst embryos, and quite remarkably in the Irish population, all of our Sims patients with one or more either high implantation Eeva embryos transferred at the blastocyst stage achieved a pregnancy.

This preliminary assessment in an Irish population confirms the major benefits of Eeva selection in identifying those patients with the best chances of achieving pregnancy and maximising their chance of conceiving.

The message for us as clinicians at Sims is that we need to be much more proactive in combining the structural benefits of assessment at the blastocyst stage with the functional assessments of the genetic potential of the embryo with the Eeva timelapse selection tool.

This combination of technologies in our hands results in an extremely high chance of pregnancy. We are continuing further investigations to further establish the benefits of Eva selection in routine IVF practice.