Fertility Nurse/midwife

Summary of Role

The key objective of the Fertility Nurse/Midwife role is to work as a key part of a multidisciplinary IVF team to provide excellent patient care for individuals and couples in all aspects of fertility treatment. Patient care must be the priority of every RGN/RM working in the Sims clinic. The patient must be at the centre of everything the Fertility Nurse/Midwife does.

The role holder must strive to excellence in patient care, investigation consultation, scheduling of treatment, phlebotomy, ultrasound, scanning, pre and post-operative care and telephone counselling.

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The following key attributes should be demonstrated:

  • Active Listening
  • Good Non-verbal communication
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Confidence
  • Friendliness
  • Clarity and concision


Educational / Registration Requirements/Professional Experience Academic/Professional Qualifications

  • Qualified Registered Nurse and/or Qualified Registered Midwife


  • Current NMBI Registration

Relevant Experience

  • 2 Years post registration experience ideally in women’s health
  • 2 year experience with a fertility clinic including ultrasound scanning


  • Fluency in English language – Advanced level - written and verbal

Clinical / Technical Competencies

The Fertility Nurse/Midwife will demonstrate competence in the following key areas. He/she should be able to work with minimal supervision.


Information Technology

  • Competent in the use of Microsoft office
  • Competent in all aspects of patient databases.


Legislative Requirements

  • Understands EU Cell and Tissue Directive and the clinic responsibility regarding screening couples.
  • Data Protection/Confidentiality – understands and takes personal responsibility by following established policies and procedures
  • Obtaining Consent – understands and takes personal responsibility by following established policies and procedures


Infection Control /Health and Safety

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Health and Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Uniform and Grooming Standards
  • Clinical Waste Management



  • Care of a Couple before during and after and IUI
  • Care of a Couple before, during and after Embryo Transfer
  • Care of Couple Before, During and After Egg Collection
  • Performing an IUI procedure
  • Drug management in Theatre
  • Semen Collection
  • Care of a Sick patient
  • Emergency procedures



    • Scheduling an IUI/TSI cycle
    • Scheduling an FET cycle
    • Scheduling an IVF cycle
    • Scheduling of donor/recipient cycles
    • Understanding all IVF meds and side effects
    • Investigation Consultation
    • Understand all available tests and treatments
    • Competent to deal with more complex patients


Telephone Counselling and Support

    • Competent in providing clear and concise feedback and education to patients by telephone.
    • Ability to deliver information in a constructive and sympathetic manner
    • Understands and follows established telephone process and procedures



    • Ultrasound scanning – assessment scans
    • Ultrasound scanning – follicular tracking
    • Ultrasound scanning – trigger for egg collection/embryo transfer
    • Ultrasound scanning – early obstetric scanning
    • Documenting Blood results
    • Understands cycle specific hormones
    • Reporting pregnancy results
    • Phlebotomy/ Cannulation


Training and Education

    • Providing support to junior colleagues
    • Showing leadership with HCAs and administrative staff


Key Behavioural Competencies


Personal Leadership

  • Acts with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Has a realistic sense of self and impact on others
  • Demonstrates patience and perspective in dealing with difficult situations
  • Accepts ownership of role and accepts accountability of role objectives

Patient Care/Customer Service

  • Demonstrates an ability to deliver excellence in standards of service to patients/clients
  • Presents a caring, engaging and positive manner with patients/clients
  • Demonstrates an ability to obtain a clear understanding of patient/client needs
  • Lets patient/client know he/she is willing to work with them to achieve best outcome

Team Work

  • Works co-operatively and effectively with colleagues from own and other departments with different skills and objectives to achieve best outcome.
  • Listens and respects others points of view.
  • Open to learning and passing on better ways of doing things.
  • Open to new ideas with an ability to follow and implement protocols and procedures and clinic initiatives with his/her clinic colleagues.

Attention to Detail

  • Ensures that one’s own and others’ work and information are complete and accurate
  • Follows required procedures to ensure high quality of work
  • Verifies information.
  • Carefully reviews and checks the accuracy of information provided by others



  • Identifies what needs to be done and takes action before being asked or the situation requires it.
  • Seeks out others involved in a situation to learn their perspectives.
  • Takes independent action to change the direction of events.

Managing Change

  • Demonstrates support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness
  • Supporting and implementing organizational change
  • Helping others to successfully manage organizational change


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