Simply IVF

Simply IVF

Sims Clinic introduces low-cost IVF option in Cork

Sims IVF has launched Simply IVF – a pilot scheme that provides a low cost IVF option for women up to the age of 34, with a low egg count. 

Simply IVF is being made available on a trial basis by Sims IVF to help young people realise their dream of having a baby taking into consideration the financial difficulties faced by this age group, many of whom do not have a lot of disposable income. Sims IVF offers these younger patients a low cost version of IVF with enhanced patient safety for a net cost of €3,300. 

Dr. John Kennedy, Medical Director at Sims IVF said: “We introduced the trial Simply IVF programme at Sims in order to both alleviate the financial difficulties that many couples are experiencing - as well as rewarding good practice in these younger patients by incentivising elective single embryo transfer (where applicable) - and thereby reducing the associated risks of multiple pregnancy.”

The simpler cycle monitoring requires only two visits to Sims in advance of egg collection and transfer and is ideally suited to patients located all over the island of Ireland as a result. The safety of this simpler regime is further facilitated by focusing its provision for women with an AMH of 14 or less*.

This program is part of a number of initiatives from Sims IVF to make fertility treatment more accessible for couples wishing to have family in these difficult financial times. Other options available at Sims include affordable egg donation programmes with no need to travel abroad.

*To be eligible for the Simply IVF programme your AMH level must be 14 or less following testing here at Sims, as well as having an antral follicle count less than 10 from an assessment scan carried out at Sims.