Meet Eeva™ - a New Breakthrough in IVF

Sims IVF is one of the first clinics in the world and the first clinic in Ireland to offer the new Eeva test. The Early Embryo Viability Assessment (Eeva) test is the first and only non-invasive IVF test clinically proven to increase the accuracy of predicting viable embryos at an early stage. The Eeva test was developed based on landmark research conducted at Stanford University, in the United States, which discovered that early cell division timings are an accurate predictor of viability and underlying health of the embryo.

At the heart of Eeva is intelligent software that reliably and consistently assesses critical and subtle differences in early embryo development. This data helps IVF clinicians determine an embryo’s viability and select the embryo(s) with the highest potential for transfer or freezing.  With access to this unique information, your IVF team can more accurately select the best embryo(s) for transfer which could improve your chances for a successful pregnancy.


Benefits of Eeva

There are many factors that contribute to a successful live birth, but identifying viable embryos in the first few days is one of the most critical. 


The benefits of Eeva include:

  • Improved ability in selecting the most viable embryos: In a clinical trial of 54 patients with approximately 755 embryos, embryologists using Eeva were able to improve their ability to correctly identify non-viable (85% of the time vs. 60% of the time when using traditional methods).
  • Objective information early in the process allows IVF clinicians make informed decisions regarding which embryos to transfer or freeze.


Is Eeva right for you?


Whether you are on your first IVF cycle or have received IVF treatment before, Eeva is a suitable test for all patients. By providing access to critical and subtle differences in the early stages of embryo development, Eeva provides your IVF team with objective information about the underlying health of the embryo. This information is critical in making informed decisions about your treatment path.

How do I learn more about Eeva?

Sims is proud to be the first and only clinic in Ireland to offer this new breakthrough in IVF treatment.  We would love to speak to you more about Eeva. Speak to your Doctor about Eeva and how it could benefit you.


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