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Going Solo - Contemplating single motherhood?

Monday, 22nd September 2014 | 0 comments
Going Solo - Contemplating single motherhood?Dr Lyuda Shkrobot Compared with our mothers or grandmothers, the modern-day woman is more likely to be working, travelling, more educated and financially independent than ever before. As professionals in reproductive medicine, we’ve seen how these social trends are having a great impact on decisions surrounding motherhood.  Women are having children later – 43% of first-time mums in Australia are now over the age of 30, nearly double the rate in 1991.  While you may not have made a conscious decision to delay having children, if you want to have them one day you will need a plan.  Why? Because time mattersDespite all these social changes, biological facts remain the same – a woman’s fertility decreases as she gets older.

Sims Family Circus Day

Wednesday, 30th April 2014 | 0 comments
Here are the wonderful photos from our Family Circus Day. 700 Mums, Dads and kids all enjoyed themselves in Powerscourt Hotel with the Sims team and Fossett’s Circus, helping  to celebrate 17 years of success at Sims IVF.

Lisa and Gary's IVF journey

Monday, 3rd March 2014 | 0 comments
Listen to the full interview sharing Lisa and Gary's experiences with Sims IVF and hear what Dr David Walsh has to say. 

Daily Discussion: Polycystic Ovaries and Treatment

Tuesday, 4th February 2014 | 0 comments
Polycystic ovaries are a common finding in the IVF world and the dosage of gonadotropins used to treat this must be carefully managed in order to avoid hyper-stimulation and its consequence.  In the IUI scenario Tamoxifen, an anti-oestrogen, can be successfully used in conjunction with alternate day FSH, to allow a sufficient sustainable response to produce one viable egg. 

DHEA supplementation and success rates

Thursday, 12th December 2013 | 0 comments
At a recent Medical meeting, in addition to discussing individual patients and strategies, we watched a presentation from Dr Norbert Gleischer, Medical Director of CHR in the USA. 

Sims IVF trial receptivity test

Wednesday, 18th September 2013 | 0 comments
Today we discussed a patient with good quality expanding blastocysts who, unexpectedly, is not getting pregnant following implantation. 

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