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Sims IVF is at the forefront of advanced infertility testing – we offer a number of tests that other clinics in Ireland simply do not provide – and new treatments are being pioneered and introduced all the time.

Costs and treatments between clinics do vary, so it is important to have clarity to help you to make an informed choice.

We strongly believe in transparency over pricing – and the list below is all encompassing so you are always aware of the costs and not surprised by hidden extras.

Principal Treatment Procedures

IVF treatment procedure charges include planning and co-ordination, ultrasound scans (carried out as part of the procedure), administration, anaesthesia, doctors / nursing fees and laboratory fees. Your 1st Beta HCG and 1st Ob. scan after IVF are also included free of charge. Medications, blood tests (excluding cycle monitoring bloods), and counsellor’s fees are not included. Patients are asked to note that payment is due prior to each treatment cycle.

Cycle prices listed below, include Cycle Monitoring Bloods at first and final scan. A cycle co-ordination & monitoring fee of €1,000 (non refundable) is required for IVF and Egg Freezing cycles. This fee will be deducted from the cost of treatment.

From 1st February 2014 Satellite Monitoring Services will no longer be available to patients. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.





+ IMSI                                                                                                              


+Donor Sperm IVF Treatment


Anonoymous €550
Anonoymous / Extended €715
Identifiable €880

Donor sperm must be paid for separately (sperm allocation for IVF Cycle x 1)



Sims Fertility Preservation (Egg Freezing)

Includes cycle monitoring, egg collection and vitrification (+1 year storage)


+* IVF with egg donation

(includes donors; screening,counselling fees, consultation and compensation

Co-ordination & Monitoring Fee (Non Refundable)
(This will be subtracted from the cost of treatment)
European donor egg program
(Click here for more information on the EDE programme)

* €1,000 will be retained to cover co-ordination, monitoring and administration costs.
+ Prices include a regulatory charge for compliance with EU Cell & Tissue Directive

+ Embryo Freezing €500
+ Blastocyst / Extended Culture €990
+ Early Embryo Viability Assessment Eeva €500
+ Assisted Hatching €220
+ Embryo Glue €100
+ Embryo Thaw and Transfer
(Including Scans carried
out as part of procedure)
+ PESA/TESE (Epididymal
aspiration/testicular extraction)

+ Sequential Embryo Transfer

(in addition to cost of Blastocyst culture and IVF/ICSI/IMSI)